Options for swapping stamps with me

Because my collection and duplicates are catalogued in a database (apart from a huge backlog waiting for a few spare months!), I prefer to exchange stamps with other collectors who can send me lists of their duplicates. We then request stamps from each others' lists, and work out a running balance by catalogue value, eventually equalizing the debits and credits.

Another way some of my trading partners work very successfully, is that they send me stamps (used, of course) not already shown in my MAIN list on this website. I then send them equal catalogue value in stamps of their choosing. To do this, you need to get my confirmation first on which country or countries you wish to send, as some of my lists are not fully updated.

If you do not have lists of your duplicates, you could send me batches of stamps from which I can make my selection and return the rest. However, I am not willing to send batches of my used stamps out like this because it interferes with my inventory records.

If you prefer, I will give you three times the catalogue value in stamps of my choice (none of them junk, and all cataloguing more than 25¢) in exchange for any of your stamps I keep.

On the other hand, you can select stamps you want from my lists, and "pay" for them with three times the value in postally used stamps of your choice, again provided they are not junk and all catalogue more than 25¢. Junk, in my view, is anything that most collectors don't like to receive. This includes many used recent definitives of major countries which appear to be overvalued by Scott, such as the Canadian $2 and $5 stamps. I will normally accept the stamps you send in "payment" but reserve the right to return any that I consider junk or flawed.

If you have surplus large quantities of the same stamp, so do I! To even out the overages and shortages, I find it useful to trade batches of 10 of a kind by any of the above methods. Click on the Wholesale button to see what I have to offer.